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Halifax favourites

I didn’t even have a chance to prepare a Halifax favourites post before actually leaving Halifax – too busy wrapping up school & jobs. As time consuming as that was, I’m now done, back in lovely Ottawa, and have the time to share a few of my favourite spots in Halifax.

What’re your favourites? I’m sure there are many places I didn’t even get a chance to try, as my time there flew by so quickly!

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Some photo creds to Kevin James


The brioche collection

There’s a great bakery, Julien’s, by my place here in Halifax that’s got me hooked on brioche. Recipes for brioche have been jumping out at me in my RSS feed and elsewhere. Once this semester finally wraps up (only a few weeks left…!!!), I’ll be baking and baking and baking. I haven’t baked in too long and am missing it more and more every day. 

Nonetheless, for those of you with some free time, I know you’ll want to check out and try these delicious recipes for variations on brioche. 

Have you made brioche before? What’s your favourite recipe?

Wheat brioche bunsSprouted Kitchen

Buttery brioche sandwich rollsThe Café Sucré Farine

Brioche filled with chocolate ganache – Technicolor Kitchen

Brioche à la fleur d’orangerManger


Tall Ships Festival 2012

I didn’t realize that the Tall Ships Festival isn’t an annual occurrence in Halifax until after it happened. Thankfully, I still made it out a few times to see this amazing spectacle – and an amazing spectacle it was! I’m so glad we were lucky enough to be living in Halifax this summer to see the tall ships fill the pier and to share in the celebrations, fireworks, music, and more.

Here are some of the photos I took from one evening down by the water.


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The ocean & a lot of rhubarb

If you ever ask me if I want to go visit the ocean, go the beach, be near any body of water, the answer will always be YES! And (an important consideration in Nova Scotia), it will be an extra enthusiastic yes if it’s sunny.

Every time I visit the salt water I’m hit with the realization that I now live on the east coast. Somehow it still hasn’t sunk in, even after 9 months. I am on the edge of Canada and it’s pretty neat. For those that aren’t here, and thus may be enjoying the heat of elsewhere, here are some photos of the ocean for you to enjoy! In the coming weeks we’ll be developing the film so keep an eye out for those, too.

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On another note, I just scored a huge bundle of rhubarb! As mentioned in previous posts, rhubarb is one of my favourites. Actually, a lot of things are my favourites, but rhubarb’s definitely up there. Any brilliant ideas for what I should bake with it? I was thinking lemon-rhubarb squares, but I want to explore some other ideas. What are your favourites?

Seaport market favourites

With the end of the bus strike and some sunny days we have finally been able to get to the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market on a semi-regular basis. Regardless of what kind of day I’m having, all is well when we go down to the boardwalk area. Smelling the ocean, a nice breeze, and the abundance of good food and beer make it a great place to be.

There are two things I always get when I go to the market: a pretzel from German Bakery and Garden Cafe and a (or many) pepperette(s) from Rose Lane Farm. We always top it off with some Garrison samplers, too. There are lots of things at the market that look fantastic, but these are by far my favourite. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll diversify once summer rolls around and more fruits and veggies are in season. What are your market favourites?

Nocturne in Halifax

This past Saturday was Nocturne in Halifax and, yes, it was terrific. I didn’t get to explore too much, but what I did explore and what I have heard from others has all be incredibly positive. That to say, if you missed the event make sure you check it out next year. It’s worth it.

The highlights from my Nocturne evening included a glass blowing demonstration down on the harbour-front and music on the Dartmouth-Halifax ferry. Let me stress that these were only two of many, MANY exhibits and events. The glass blowing demonstration took place at The Glassworks down on George Street near the harbour. There was a guide giving an oral account of what the glassblowers were doing, and you could walk through the building to see the different stages of the crystal-making process. It was pretty impressive and intriguing. There are some fields of work that I always wonder about and this is one of them. They must really love what they do, creating such lovely pieces of unique art. The other quite memorable event of the evening came from boarding the Halifax-Dartmouth ferry. Everyone on board was so enthusiastic and my timing was just-so that I was able to catch a band I had been hoping to hear for the first time – the Smoking Contra Band. They were seriously so great! I’m so glad I saw them, even if it was only two songs. I’ll definitely be doing my best to check them out again at one of their upcoming shows in Halifax, and I recommend, if you’re in the area, that you do the same!

Oh! And I almost forgot! On our way home, crossing over the Citadel, we stopped by another exhibit. We were unaware that there was even something to view in the Citadel, but walking inside we found this representation of the constellation Ursa Major. Standing underneath, it was a representation of the bear experimenting with and being tempted by the boundaries between the sky and the earth. What a better place to test this than the Citadel?

I hope you all had a great Nocturne experience!! I’m very much looking forward to next year.