The ocean & a lot of rhubarb

If you ever ask me if I want to go visit the ocean, go the beach, be near any body of water, the answer will always be YES! And (an important consideration in Nova Scotia), it will be an extra enthusiastic yes if it’s sunny.

Every time I visit the salt water I’m hit with the realization that I now live on the east coast. Somehow it still hasn’t sunk in, even after 9 months. I am on the edge of Canada and it’s pretty neat. For those that aren’t here, and thus may be enjoying the heat of elsewhere, here are some photos of the ocean for you to enjoy! In the coming weeks we’ll be developing the film so keep an eye out for those, too.

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On another note, I just scored a huge bundle of rhubarb! As mentioned in previous posts, rhubarb is one of my favourites. Actually, a lot of things are my favourites, but rhubarb’s definitely up there. Any brilliant ideas for what I should bake with it? I was thinking lemon-rhubarb squares, but I want to explore some other ideas. What are your favourites?


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