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More DIY jewelry & getting ready for the festival

There’s only a few days left until ravenswing – Sunday, May 29 from 10am – 4pm! Be there! It will be great and fun. Great fun!

My life has been saved thanks to a friend who was kind enough to drop off a sewing machine for me to borrow. I’m so excited to be able to get started on the aprons and wall organizers. Everything’s ready to go, so I’ll be getting started on that tomorrow.

While I decided to save the sewing for tomorrow, I still got quite a bit accomplished tonight. I prepared my business/product cards to hold my earrings, pushing the earrings through the cards… I did something similar for a few pairs of feather earrings… and I finished another button necklace:


I already explained, in a previous post, how I made the button earrings. I made the feather ones by attaching feathers to three-sided earring clasps with hot glue. To make sure everything stays in place, clamp the two outer edges into the middle. Finish them off by attaching the desired type of earring hook. I added a little something extra to a few of the pairs by putting a few links of thin chain between the clasp holding the feathers and the earring hook. There are lots of ways to experiment with earrings… Try it!

I finished off my business/product cards by adding short lengths of hemp string and writing the name of the blog on the front. On the back I included my website, email address and name. I had to experiment with a few different pens (I know, such excitement..!), and finally decided on a gel pen to avoid any bleeding of ink. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Anyway, things are actually starting to come together. I’m really excited to see how the aprons and wall organizers turn out. The aim is to have everything done by Friday, so that I’m ready to bake my Saturday away to oblivion.

More to come soon!


DIY button earrings

Well I’ve finally started actually getting some things ready for ravenswing!

I’m starting simple – button earrings. Because all the buttons I’m using are recycled (aka from a basket of buttons given to me by my grandma…), it’s taken a while to sort through them, find matching pairs and make combinations that work well together. Nonetheless, I’ve got the first 10 pairs picked out and they’re ready for assembly. I bought some earring clasps – the kind with the flat surface, not the dangle-y kind. Deciding the best way to hold everything together, I was first thinking of just using hot glue, but I wanted to make sure that they’d stay together and last for a long while. I settled on sewing them. I placed the earring clasp through a hole in the larger button, placed a small circle of similar-coloured fabric on top to cover the silver, then put the smaller button on top. I sewed through three of the four holes to make everything stay together and BAM! You have an earring… repeat, repeat, repeat. Once you get started it goes pretty quickly and I’m happy with how they’re turning out so far.

It’s not all about sweet – you need cute things, too

I noticed that way more, at least more than 60%, of my blog is baking… I didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s been the lead-up to this weekend. This very weekend. The one where I will make 100 cupcakes! Exciting! To some, this might not seem like a big deal, but for me it’s my first “job” in a field I’ve only imagined working in. Of course, some may know, that my primary career goal is to be a librarian. I’m on my way there, but I can’t shut-out my love for baking; baking the sweet and savoury for others to enjoy. All this to say that this weekend I’m making 100 cupcakes for an event and I needed practice. I’ve spent the last month, every weekend of it at least, baking cupcakes. I tried many recipes, liked some, hated others, but more importantly I’ve learned what a huge process baking for an event can be. There’s much more involved than one might imagine. Ingredients alone can really add up, making it sometimes difficult to get in what practice may be needed. Nonetheless, it’s been a great experience and I’m really excited for Saturday. While I’ll be doing a post this weekend to talk about the final product of the event, this post is actually intended for the crafty side of me and the blog.

This past summer, I participated in Ottawa’s Ravenswing Fair. I think my unconscious need  to try everything propelled me to this, but I’m glad I did it. These are some of the things I made (in photo)… fabric belts, button necklaces, feather earrings and headbands, and (to throw in something that has no real purpose)… OWL pillows! Hurray! I finally made use of all the buttons I had lying around (although my grandmother was happy to donate some, too) and gathered fabrics from family and friends. I really am a proponent of the DIY spirit… If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not make it yourself? I do, of course, understand some of the hurdles to this – you need tools, supplies and space to get many things done and these, particularly for urban-apartment-dwellers, are often in short supply. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t try! I’m getting new ideas for crafts and accessories all the time, scarves and skirts being on the horizon. I never really thought I was a creative person, but I guess my willingness to try these things on a whim is my vent. More than making things, for eats of for wear, for myself, I really enjoy making them for others. Hopefully I can keep this trend going as spring approaches (I hope it’s approaching… sometimes it seems a LONG way away), as I’ve taken a season’s hiatus from sewing and building. More will come on this soon!