DIY B&W Developing

Slowly but surely we collected all the materials and chemicals needed to start developing our black & white film at home. While I helped out with the first few rolls of Kevin James’ film, mostly measuring, timing, and keeping temperature, it wasn’t until I got to do my own roll that I realized how great, and easy, it is to develop at home. Check out this post for some of the resources and instructions we used.

I think the most stressful part of the process is loading the film onto the developing spool in the dark. No matter how many times you practice with your eyes shut, it’s never quite the same as doing it in the pitch dark. I may (I did) have dropped the film onto the floor once, maybe twice, trying to load it onto the spool, so some of my negatives have some fluff marks. I’m still learning! Once the film is developed, we use our DIY DSLR film scanner to create digital copies of the negatives that we can upload to Flickr. We’re working on finding a better, yet still affordable, solution to the scanning process.

Here are some of the negatives from my first home-developed roll of B&W. More to come soon!

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One response to “DIY B&W Developing”

  1. The Vagabond Baker says :

    It is so exciting developing your own film! You should definitely move on to the next step and print some of your images the analogue way too. Nothing beats seeing that image start to appear in the tray developer.
    I’m pretty nifty at loading 35mm film (although not done it for a couple of years), the larger medium format film was a bit trickier!
    I love shooting and printing b&w film, I find it really hard to replicate that ‘feel’ in digital. I don’t do it much these days as i have no room for the equipment.
    Great blog.

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