New recipe for pull-apart cheese & herb bread?

Well… not quite yet. I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes on Pinterest and Twitter and everywhere else for pull-apart bread. Most of them have been sweet though, such as this delicious looking cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread found on Joy the Baker

As much as I love making and baking the sweet, I do also love the savory. So, here’s my plan. This week (or weekend) I’m going to try to switch it up and make a recipe for a pull-apart cheese and herb bread. Using my classic sandwich bread recipe as a base, I’m going to try using cheese between the layers and mixing the herbs into the dough. This doesn’t sound too complicated and I’m sure it will be delicious, but my main concern is making sure it pulls apart as I’m imagining it to. I did also find this recipe for cheddar, beer, and mustard pull-apart bread on Smitten Kitchen, from which I’m drawing some inspiration:


You can see how they both have a similar look – that’s what I’m going for. I also want to make sure this is a really simple recipe that anyone will want to try. It would even be great to bring to potlucks or to gift.

Wish me luck – I’ll report back as soon as I’ve tested it out!


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3 responses to “New recipe for pull-apart cheese & herb bread?”

  1. Purely.. Kay says :

    I’ve featured the top bread on my blog before.. and it still looks so darn delicious. And I don’t even like bread lol. And you don’t need luck.. I know you’ll do an incredible job :). Can’t wait to read about it

  2. trialsinfood says :

    looks yummy! hope it works out!

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