New camera & first roll of film

I was surprised and thrilled to get a new camera, a Pentax K1000, for Christmas. Seriously thrilled!!!!

Here are some shots from my first roll, Lomo 800:

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If you’d like to see more photos you can check out my KittEliz Flickr account here. I have two accounts, the one linked to this blog that features all things edible and my personal account for photography as a hobby. 

Do you ever shoot in film? What camera (digital or not) are you using? I’ve only shot one roll in film so far, but I’m enjoying it so much. It really forces you to think about the composition and settings, rather than just being able to shoot 30 frames to get a good photo. We’ve been getting our film processed at the store, but we scan and convert the images ourselves. Kevin James built this negative scanning box and it’s working pretty well for us. We’ll be building a new one soon that can be used for 35mm and 120mm (I have a Mamiyaflex that shoots 120). We also picked up a film developing tank and will soon be getting the chemicals to process our film ourselves. More on this later! 

** Also! I’ve started a new twitter account for the blog. I had my own account, but that’ll be replaced by the new one: @60percentbaking


3 responses to “New camera & first roll of film”

  1. The Craving Chronicles says :

    Hope you’re having fun with your new camera! The Pentax k1000 was my first SLR, passed down from my dad. I learned to take photos with film, but I haven’t used film since I switched to digital around 2000-01. This makes me want to dig out my old film camera 🙂

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