The once-in-a-while sandwich

I warn you, this is not for the simple-sandwiched.

This here is a french toast peanut butter bacon banana maple syrup sandwich. Yup, you read that right.

All these things are good separately, so we just couldn’t resist making them into a sandwich. And it’s a good one. I think I even heard someone say, “Kitt, this is the best sandwich I have ever had in my life.” 

I dare you to make it. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s pretty straight forward:

Cook some bacon. While it’s cooking, slice a banana.
Make some french toast, being sure to add some cinnamon to the whisked eggs.
When the toast is done becoming french-like, spread some peanut butter on it. Do this while it’s still hot, so it melts and becomes extra delicious.
Next add the bacon. Then add a layer of banana slices. Finally, drizzle some maple syrup and close it off with the other piece of french toast.

Prepare yourself. This sandwich is good.

Also, maybe go for a bike ride after. Just a thought.

Photo credit goes to Mr. Kevin James. Get that website up soon so I can link people to your greatness.


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One response to “The once-in-a-while sandwich”

  1. Joanne says :

    I will admit, that looks really delicious! It’d be awesome for breakfast!

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