Using Illustrator, making outlines and some new ideas

I decided a few days ago that instead of doing more homework, I’d start trying to work on a possible new design for the blog. I wasn’t really sure what l wanted to make, but I had been collecting ideas, making some notes and knew the general direction in which I wanted the design to go. It was recommended to me that I start experimenting with Illustrator – I’ve used InDesign and Photoshop quite a bit, but not Illustrator. One thing that is really helpful for becoming familiar with the tools available in these programs is to start doing some tutorials. I really like the ones on Abdozeedo, but there are lots all over the web for all kinds of programs. The first tutorial I experimented with was making outlines and watercolour-style designs. This was okay, but I much more enjoyed making the outlines. Instead of using the brush tool, which is was I was using for the watercolour tutorial, I started using the pen tool. After spending a while trying to get a handle on how to properly use the pen tool, I was able to start making outlines of some of the tools I use when making the things I post about on this blog. 


I’m going to keep working on this design, adding more tools, cleaning up the outlines, but I think it will probably make it’s way into the new design of the blog. The new design is still a ways away, though. I’ve decided to learn how to make the website from scratch, writing the script, and I still have a lot of learning to do. All that to say: look I learned something new, but stay tuned cause this will take a while!


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One response to “Using Illustrator, making outlines and some new ideas”

  1. Tom R says :

    The bezier tool. It is all about the bezier tool.

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