Time for Halifax

There’s been a big break in blog posts while we were preparing for and moving to Halifax…

So, first things first… I live in Halifax now. Weird. When I came here for a visit a few years ago I left with a feeling that this was a place I needed to live in for a while. So, here I am. Hello, Halifax! We made the decision when I accepted an offer to the Master of Library and Information Studies program at Dalhousie. We then loaded our life possessions into a bus and drove East with 7 friends. The move went incredibly well and we’re finally getting settled in. Got jobs, started classes, the works.

I’m really excited about living in Halifax and having a whole new city to explore and discover. That said, I really know very little of the great things I imagine this city has to offer. Eats? Drinks? Vintage? Cycling? Crafts? Stores? Music? Venues? Activities? Any advice or recommendations? I’d love to hear what those who know Halifax well think I should check out.

Also, here’s what’s coming up for the blog this fall..

In the coming weeks: peanut butter cookies, pumpkin muffins, classic apple pie, carrot cake cupcakes

In the coming months: Etsy store, new blog design



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4 responses to “Time for Halifax”

  1. kcauley says :

    are those the pumpkin muffins from last year?!
    can you send me that recipe again, it was delicious!

  2. Rebecca says :

    Etsy store????? I am excited! I am just sad I can’t be the guinea pig forn your baked deliciousness anymore. We were just planning the next bake sale in our social committee meeting and your delicious cupcakes from last time were fondly remembered.

    • sixtypercentbaking says :

      Yes, Etsy store. I’ll probably be selling a mix of vintage clothes I find and handcrafted items like accessories, skirts, aprons, etc. I’m excited to get it going! I’m sad you can’t be my taster, too. I like sharing my baked goods 🙂

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