Ottawa round-up!

Well the time has come (or at least it’s coming soon enough – two weeks!). I’ll be leaving Ottawa for Halifax on September 1st and, while I’m sure I’ll be back one day, I thought it a good opportunity to do an Ottawa round-up of all things I find great in this city. So here it is, and feel free to add your own suggestions! I certainly haven’t tried everything in Ottawa, so any input is more than welcome.


Bakery: The French Baker, Boko Bakery
Pub: Chez Lucien, Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill, Bite Burger
Restos and eats: Ahora, The Black Tomato, Gong fu bao truck, Wang’s Noodle, India Café, Castle Shawarma, Shawarma Palace
Food stuffs/Grocery: Sausage Kitchen, La Bottega, Kettleman’s, Ottawa Bagelshop, Herb & Spice
Coffee: Planet Coffee, Bridgehead


Bike: Phat Moose Cycles, Re-cycles/Cycle Salvation
Specialty: Workshop, Victoire, Milk, Young Janes, Allegro
Games: The Loft, Fandom II
Clothing: Norml
Music: Vertigo Records, Compact Music
Instruments: Spaceman Music, Ottawa Folklore Centre, Steve’s Music
Camera: The Camera Trading Co.

Cinema: Bytowne
Salon: BossArts
Venue: Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Rainbow, Atomic Rooster

I have to say, there are still a lot of places in Ottawa that I have yet to try and I look forward to the day when I return and can continue exploring this great city. In the meantime, though, I’m pretty thrilled that I’ll soon be living on the east coast in Halifax. I’ve heard such terrific things about this city and I can’t wait to see what it has to offer. I foresee a post on great Halifax finds in the coming weeks…

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2 responses to “Ottawa round-up!”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Of the places on here that I have been to, I have to say that your suggestions are pretty spot on. One of the few I would add to the ‘eats’ section is Town (on elgin). So amazing.

    • sixtypercentbaking says :

      Yes! I’ve heard great things about Town. There are so many places that I’ve started remembering that I still want to try, but my time in Ottawa is running out FAST! I’ll just have to come back for a visit 🙂

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