Tomato-basil chicken sandwiches

Sandwiches are great things. They’re delicious and can be personalized so easily to make your favourite. I originally thought this sandwich would be a little too simple for some, but that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. They were gone in minutes! Interested in making these for yourself? Here’s how:

1/2 or 1 chicken breast for each sandwich you’ll be making
Pasta sauce in your favourite flavour, or homemade
Fresh bread
Sundried tomatoes, olives (basically, whatever extra toppings you want)

1. Place the chicken breasts in a small baking pan lined with parchment. Pour the tomato sauce onto the chicken, spread. Add some pesto on top and mix it into the sauce to evenly cover the chicken. Be generous with these ingredients.
2. Bake the chicken at 350C, flipping part-way through, until cooked (I use a thermometer).
3. When the chicken is close to being done, cut your bread into sandwich-sized portions, chop some lettuce and cut the bocconcini into small, flat pieces. Also, prepare whatever other toppings you desire. I used sundried tomatoes on the sandwich in the photo. 
4. When the chicken is done, give it a few minutes to cool, then build your sandwich!

Okay, that all sounds ridiculously easy and it is. The point I’m making here is it’s delicious. Try it out, experiment and enjoy. Food doesn’t have to be complicated to make a great meal!


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