DIY Aprons – fabric selections

So, I’ve made a few more pairs of button earrings, but have now temporarily moved on to making aprons. I want to test out my new, used sewing machine… which has sadly been acting up (SIGH). I think I may have to get it repaired…!! Regardless, I wanted to share what I’ve done so far.

To make the apron:

  • Make a pattern – sketch out some possible designs and once you’ve found one you like, decide on the appropriate measurements
  • Draw the design on large sheets of plain newsprint paper (or whatever else you may have lying around)
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Pin the pattern to your freshly ironed fabric
  • With a fabric pencil, mark out the shape of the pattern onto your fabric
  • Cut the fabric, leaving about a 1/2″ of room from the edge of the pattern
  • Repeat with all the pieces of your apron

This is the stage I’m at right now. I have the main portion of my apron ready to be sewn, but sadly the bobbin part on my sewing machine is being a jerk… Anyway, you can see the two fabric selections I have made for my first two aprons. Hopefully I can make more progress on this project soon!


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