Canadian Music Fridays: Pink Mountaintops

This week I want you to listen to the Pink Mountaintops. You can do so here, or here, and even here.

This band is Canadian (yes!). They have a rough sound, enticing vocals, and instrumental elements that range from loud to louder to lovely and rockin’. The mixtures between these varying degrees of lovely and loud are quite astounding. Take the song The Gayest of Sunbeams, for instance. You take one listen to that and you’ll know perfectly what I’m describing. This band is unique and may very well take up a void (perhaps you’re not getting enough “space pop” or “psychedelic”??) in your musical diet. 

Have you heard of this band before? What do you think?

Try them out. Have a listen. And, as always, enjoy!


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One response to “Canadian Music Fridays: Pink Mountaintops”

  1. Kay aka Babygirl says :

    I have never heard of this band before, but I can tell you they actually don’t sound bad. Very nice post

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