I saw some cool shit in Rome

 Yeah, that’s right. I did.

Rome was absolutely fantastic and was a great way end to the trip. I was in the city for a longer time than all the others in Italy, so I could do a bit more exploring. You could spend months in Rome and it would be great. It’s such an amazing city and I’m sure I’ll be back one day. I must say I certainly enjoyed having jam-filled croissants, cappuccino and orange juice in the outside garden patio at 8am in only my sweater (in March). Yeah, I went back to reality when I came back to Ottawa and it was in the negative degrees.

Rome was one of the few cities were I actually did some touristy stuff: Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Baths, Vatican Museum, and St. Peter’s Basilica. I’ve posted some of my favourite photos from each of these places, but, honestly, I took so many that it would probably be best to check out my flickr account to see a few more if you’re interested.

What were some of the highlights? Well definitely the breakfast I mentioned before. Yum. That was the best way ever to start the day. The Roman Baths were amazing – they didn’t have the chaos that comes with all the tourists, such as at the Colosseum. It’s a beautiful area to spend a few hours, the landscape is amazing and the area is essentially a huge park, filled with ancient ruins. What could be better? I also really enjoyed Vatican City, simply because I’ve never seen anything quite like that before in my life. It was beautiful – there was so much to see and think about (trying to imagine how old things are and how they were made and used). The Colosseum was neat, too, especially when you try to imagine the events that went on there and the complexity of what the building was and served as. The Pantheon was interesting for its architectural qualities. Look it up on the web – there was so much symbolism in the way things were build.

Also, I can’t forget to mention that Rome had the best pizza place ever (Pizza Pazza). SO GOOD. Love pizza. Also love gelato. And cappuccino. Good food and drink add so much excellence to a city. Fantastic times!

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2 responses to “I saw some cool shit in Rome”

  1. Babygirl says :

    Rome is one of the places I always wanted to visit. It’s definitely on my travel “To Do” list. I can’t wait to go after reading your post. Very nice.

    • sixtypercentbaking says :

      Of the three cities I went to in Italy, I would absolutely, beyond a doubt, recommend Rome – it’s so amazing. Hopefully you’ll be able to cross it off your to-do list soon!

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