The pedestrian city of Venice

It’s pretty nice not having cars zooming around everywhere. I prefer boats, anyway.

Venice is the world’s only pedestrian city. Anything with wheels is just non-functional in this city. I wasn’t in Venice for very long, but I don’t think I would have stayed longer regardless. I had an amazing time here and the city is absolutely beautiful, but there’s only so many tourists you can handle, even when you’re a tourist yourself. The only way I can really describe the city would be “bizarre”. Some areas were void of all human life, it was silent and run-down. This obviously makes for a great afternoon. It’s so peaceful in some areas and you could just sit and enjoy the atmosphere for hours. Other areas of the city, however, are so overrun with tourists it was mildly unnerving. And I wasn’t even there in peak-season (thankfully). I would highly recommend a visit to Venice, but I wouldn’t plan a week-long vacation there with your friends. It was delightful, but I saw what I really wanted to see in the day and a half I was there. I took a lot of photos, enjoy the views of the water, drank too much coffee. It was great.

We were so lucky and had the most glorious weather for pretty much the entire trip. The reflections between buildings and from the water made for some interesting photographs. I really enjoyed taking photos in this city. All the streets are essentially alleys, there are bridges everywhere, and squares that make you get lost. Getting lost in Venice is a good thing.

There are a few of these public water fountains around Venice, an in Italy more generally, but I don’t think I saw anyone actually drinking from one. I did see a dog go to town on one, though. I did read somewhere that they’re safe to get water from? Who knows. Lots of weird things in Italy. Lots.

Also lots of small dogs, oddly enough. Small dogs and small coffees.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the city. I had lots, so it was pretty hard to narrow it down to these few. Enjoy!


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One response to “The pedestrian city of Venice”

  1. Becca says :

    Venice was one of my favourite places to visit, so pretty! And I was pretty much obsessed with the Murano Glass – beauty!

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