En route to Belfast and back to Dublin

I have finally gone through enough of my photos to prepare the post on the first city I visited – Dublin. We arrived in Dublin on a Friday evening and basically only had time (and energy) for a quick meal and sleep… we spent way too long in Heathrow. The reason this post mentions Belfast is because I took a train there first thing on Saturday morning, to visit my family, and I didn’t really technically see Dublin until after I saw Belfast. 

The train voyage to Belfast was simply stunning. While it’s difficult (due to dirty train windows or rain or reflection) to capture a decent photo from the cab of a train, I managed to get this one that reflects well what it felt like to travel through the rural areas of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The landscape was beautiful and had an eerie feeling with the sun, mist, fog and shadows.


I chose this photo as one of two for the city of Dublin, Ireland because it seems really reflective of the economic situation in the country as a whole. It’s a topic we weren’t able to avoid, whether in the pubs or at the parliament while we were working. While the streets below (this was taken on Grafton Street) were bustling with shoppers, students and tourists, looking up at this sign reminds you that there is still a looming debt crisis in the country and finding a job seems like a pretty difficult challenge.  

I took this photo while walking through St. Stephen’s Green, a park in Dublin. The park itself was lovely and this bird is just the best! I chose this photo simply because I really enjoyed wandering the several parks in Dublin. They’re well-kept, with lots of birds and trees and places to sit and relax.



Aside from the above photos, the whole city of Dublin was absolutely fantastic and was probably one of my favourite of the trip. There’s plenty to look at and do, eat, drink, etc. The culture and people were also equally fantastic and the hospitality we received made being in the city a pleasure. It’s definitely on my list of places to re-visit. I’m not sure if everyone who’s been to Dublin finds this, but I found the food to be sooooo very delicious and of a great quality. Maybe I just had really good restaurant luck, but regardless, I’m very impressed.

Stay tuned for a post-city-photos-post on the best dress shop ever, found in Dublin!


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