Back in Canada and it’s awesome (but cold)

Well I made it back to Canada yesterday after an extremely long and tiring day in the air. I have to say, I’m glad to be home. I’m happy to be with my other half, have internet, a nice bathroom, my bed… and my kitchen, of course. I had planned to update my blog to cover some highlights from my trip, but that proved impossible with the extremely high cost of internet in the UK hotels in which I found myself and with the extremely unreliable internet in Italy. I was also a little bit too busy eating amazing food stuffs and drinking beer and wine. Mmmmmmm. Must. Get. Fresh. Mozzarella.

Anyway, I took more pictures on my trip that would probably be considered normal, so I’ve decided to do a few posts on my favourite photo from each of the cities I visited.

More to come soon!


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One response to “Back in Canada and it’s awesome (but cold)”

  1. KC says :

    let’s eat fresh mozzarella on our rome night…let’s recreate our pizza, make some spaghetti carbonara, and tiramisu!

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