Prairie Scene Ottawa

I found out about this on Monday and it must be shared NOW!

At the end of April/beginning of May, in Ottawa, there will be a multi-day event called Prairie Scene! Yeah! I’ll admit, I didn’t know what this was right away, but it is clearly a festival of sorts… And it’s featuring the talent of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Here’s the all-important scoop:

Where: Ottawa + Gatineau
When: April 26 – May 8
What: Music, dance, theatre, visual & media arts, comedy, film, literature, culinary arts
Why: cause it’s awesome and fun and in Ottawa and during spring
How much: $49 for 6 events (= great deal); several events are FREE

There are 500 artists involved and 80 events in the span of 13 days. Here’s what’s on my agenda for this event (so far, there will be more):

Wonderland – April 28 @ 8PM (NAC)
Luke Doucet – April 29 @ 8PM (NAC)
Library Voices – April 29 @ 9PM (NAC)
Prairie Fiddle Showcase – April 30 @ 7PM (Library & Archives)
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra with James Ehnes – May 3 @ 8PM (NAC)

What will you be attending??


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One response to “Prairie Scene Ottawa”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Library voices! I fell like it is a must see, if only because of the name of our work place. Plust they are pretty good too, haha.

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