Lemon Cranberry Scones (with raspberries to make up for the lack of cranberries)

A few days ago at work we had a breakfast-snack-coffee-gathering-thing for our division and I decided to bring some lemon cranberry scones. My big mistake was thinking, for some terrible reason, that I could start my taxes while the scones were in the oven. This is a BAD idea. Taxes + baking = fail. It wasn’t actually a total failure, since I eventually remembered that my scones were in the oven… but it was a near disaster. Keep your eyes on these scones when they’re in the oven. They get golden brown pretty quickly and you want them to be moist and fluffy. My other mistake that I can and am taking full responsibility for was the lack of cranberries I had in my freezer. I always buy a bag when they go on sale but, typical me, I thought I had more than I actually did. I unfortunately only had about 3/4 cups of cranberries, so I decided to fill the void with raspberries. This was a good enough solution, but the end result definitely lacked the so-fantastic punch of sufficient cranberries. Either way, it was successful enough to bring to the workplace gathering and they were definitely still tasty and moist!

The recipe I used can be found on one of my favourite baking/cooking blogs: smitten kitchen. I’ve used this recipe twice and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to make this type of scone!! Super delicious (especially when you avoid taxes and have enough cranberries)!!


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