Munny from the forest floor

Every year here in Ottawa, Lost Marbles, hosts a “Munny Show”. The reason I post on this is because few, very few, know what a “munny” actually is, which is understandable. It’s kind of annoying when you’re talking to someone and say, “hey, how’s your munny coming along?”… or, “I need to go pick up my munny”… or, “I finally finished my munny”. Sounds confusing to everyone, but that’s just the name!

Basically, a munny is a blank, white, vinyl figure. They come in the shapes of many animals. People decorate, paint, cut up, mould, etc, them and then other people look at them… You get the gist. Simple as that, essentially. This is mine from last year:


It took me FOREVER to decide what to do with it. I’m not the most creative person sometimes, so I found this project surprisingly difficult. My original plan was to paint him, then roll him in what I’d call “forest debris” to make him look all woods-like. I then figured that this would be extremely messy and the glue might show too much. I ended up going to a park and gathering some dirt, twigs, crumpled leaves, and debris to attach, in a more planned fashion, to the munny after he was painted a wood-type colour. I attached the debris with hot glue, which worked okay but wasn’t consistently sticky enough for the long-term or for transportation. It worked well enough, though, for what I needed at the time, and for the amount of days I had left before it had to be submitted. For his head, I lined it with foil and then filled it with succulents from the market. He’s still alive and well today, and the aloe’s grown like mad. I’m glad I chose this design – it’s alive and a nice contribution to the room he’s in. Also a conversation starter, as people always wonder what the heck he is and why I have him.

Anyone else ever done a munny?


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2 responses to “Munny from the forest floor”

  1. Kiana says :

    If your artielcs are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

  2. Rebecca says :

    I have never seen, heard of or made a munny, but I love your little guy with the succulents. So cute!

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