The rose covered cake

For a while now I’ve been searching the web to find interesting blogs and baking sites. There are so many out there, but I’ve been able to zero in on several that are particularly fantastic. That said, I wanted to pass along this post from a blog I have started to follow quite closely, i am baker. I find the blog is really great for providing simple, easy to follow baking ideas and recipes, while highlighting tutorial tips that will make sure your project turns out great.

A recent post on the “rose cake tutorial” caught my eye and I decided that I had to pass it along… Here it is! This cake is absolutely stunning. I just can’t get over how professional and lovely it looks, especially considering how not-so-difficult it is to make the roses. It uses the common 1M tip, and with the right technique you’ll definitely be able to make something that is bound to impress.

Happy baking.

On a P.S. note, does anyone have any interesting baking/cooking blogs they’d like to share?!


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3 responses to “The rose covered cake”

  1. Becca says :

    That looks beautiful!!

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