Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing + heart

One thing I’ve never done, surprisingly, is make chocolate icing. Probably the most classic icing of all and I’ve never done it. Although I’ve only really been making cupcakes for about a month now, I thought it was about time that I take the plunge into chocolate. So that’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon, again.

I used my grandmother’s recipe for the cupcakes and this recipe for the icing. I’ve only tasted both in their “raw” state, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go take a bite so I can accurately tell you how it tastes…

WOAH… That’s chocolate. I used extra in the cupcakes and the icing recipe… I think it kicks ass. Just my opinion, so far, but jeez I’m impressed (I’m particularly referring to the icing here). The cupcake isn’t quite as moist as my lemon ones were, but, unlike when I used this recipe for the Oreo cupcakes below, I cooked them for an appropriate amount of time (15 minutes on the nose) so they have a nice “squish” or fluffy-ness to them. Not sure “squish” is the best word for cupcakes, but I mean it in a good way! Anyway, the icing recipe is definitely one I’m going to be keeping and I would highly recommend it. I didn’t have to do any alterations to it at all, and that’s something really valuable in a recipe – you want one that you can follow to a T and actually not be concerned about taste-testing 6 times to get something you’re happy with. 


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