Rye bagels with sesame and caraway seeds

This afternoon, I suddenly decided I needed to try making bagels. Not sure why I decided this, but I’m glad I have the space and supplies to bake on a whim.

I used this recipe from foodnetwork.ca, but, to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with it. I compared it, of course once I had already started mixing ingredients, with a recipe in one of my cookbooks and the differences were stark. Particularly in relation to the boiling time. Most recipes I found call for between 1 and 1.5 minutes of boiling time, preceded by two periods of rising. The one that I originally followed calls for 15 minutes of boiling time… This seems odd to me. All this to say, I used the ingredient directions of the linked recipe and the prep and cooking instructions from my recipe book.

The finished product is pretty good taste-wise, not super fantastic, and the bagels are a little on the small size. This is my fault, though, as I made them on the small side presuming that they would rise more than they did. Either way, I love bagels a lot!


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2 responses to “Rye bagels with sesame and caraway seeds”

  1. Becca says :

    I will get my sister to email me her recipe for you to try!

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