Bird food

We finally got around to recreating our favourite cereal today. It’s super delicious, homemade, and has some great ingredients. We first made it in November of 2010 and, as usually happens when you first make something, there were a few things we noted that could be improved (roasting time, amounts of ingredients, etc.). The hazelnuts took about five minutes, the pecans three, but the almonds tasted much better once we put them in the oven for a second four minutes. That to say, roasting times vary, so be sure to do a few taste tests until you’re satisfied. Hull hemp hearts are super filling, so adding them to a cereal with a puffed wheat base is a great combination. We made about 1.6 kilograms and it will last a plenty long time.

Personally, this cereal atop a bit of plain yogurt is the BEST way to start your day.


Nuts: pecans, hazelnuts, almonds

Seeds: sesame, hulled hemp hearts, pumpkin, sunflower

Fruit: dried cranberries, sultana raisins

Grains: Kashi “honey puffed cereal” (this is a great base for making your own cereal), crunchy granola

In the making:


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2 responses to “Bird food”

  1. sixtypercentbaking says :

    Thank you! I do indeed take all the photos myself. I love photography, as well as baking, so this is a great chance to combine the two.

  2. Jessica S says :

    That looks and sounds really yummy. Your photos all look very professional. Did you take them all yourself?

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