Not-so-red-red velvet cupcakes

So, at 8:30 pm and after a few glasses of wine, I began my baking… As mentioned, I decided on red velvet cupcakes, hoping that the cocoa powder would be an at-least-somewhat-effective substitute for red dye. It actually was somewhat effective. As you can see from the photos below, while the cupcake looks pretty much like chocolate on the outside, it is a bit red on the inside. Good enough for me (and definitely better than the alternative THREE tablespoons of dye other recipes call for)!

For a little something extra, I added an Oreo crumble bottom and the icing is vanilla with little Oreo bits of tasty-ness. I’m most happy with how the icing turned out. Fluffy, light, not too rich. As for the cupcakes themselves, they needed maybe 3 less minutes in the oven.


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2 responses to “Not-so-red-red velvet cupcakes”

  1. KC says :

    do I get to eat one of these tomorrow?

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